Sunny Reflection

Sunny Reflection

Sun, wispy clouds, blue sky, sand to wiggle your toes in… add a soft breeze and it’s perfection!!


Geometric Patterns in the sand…

Geometric Patterns in the sand...

I am always amazed at the designs the dancing waves of the sea leave on the beach!!! Simple but complex… this is one for the directionally impaired. Pick a direction…any direction… life awaits!!! Lines and patterns photo challenge.

Following The Light

Following The Light

Sand Forest Folio Photography/Follow The Light

Was is Matel or Whamo that made the Etch-A-Sketch? I believe that is why I am intrigued with patterns in the sand and what I see there. Every image is unique in its intricate beauty and the possibilities are eternally endless. Constantly amazed!!!

On My Way…

Up In The Air

Up In The Air

This surfing photo shoot reminded me…all things in my life are frequently “Up In The Air”. Air head or blond joke? Just thinking perhaps…entertaining the endless possibilities life presents. Thinking of catching a wave or two…

On My Way…

How Green Do You Want Me?

How Green Do You Want Me?

Guess who the hubby found hanging out hiding in a plant on our walk? I would never have seen him, or the other 2 Lizards, if it wasn’t for his keen eye. My favorite color of Green!!! I guess that is why they call it camouflage… natures brilliance in color!

On my way…