About Shimmy Shark

I Like:  Playing dress-up, BellyDancing or any other Middle Eastern style dance, taking pictures of stuff, Costa Rica, my beach

I Want:  More geckos in my kitchen to kill the bugs, a new camera, better-behaved Howler monkeys, to teach my spiders better web design, to learn to surf without getting wet, to get out of this tree before my license expires, to learn to play accordian – but my husband tells me that if I play an accordian I go to jail – it’s the law, a new machete so I can get my way more often

squirrelBeach QueenChar Dance










Why I Blog:  Because I can, learn more   about photography, connect with spider wranglers, to be determined

Favorite Food:  Sugar cookies, pineapple, Italians – I mean, Italian, Filafel, Wahoo (it’s a tropical fish like barricuda)

Favorite Colors:  Sunset, Flower, Monkey

Playa Negra Blue II

tamarindo estuary playa conchal atenas 160

Capuchin Very Close-Finger


31 thoughts on “About Shimmy Shark

  1. Hi Shimmy…. wonderful photography blog!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have linked one of your images to my blog avialblog.wordpress.com . Let me know if you are ok with using your image and if you don’t want…. I can remove it.

    Thank you!

    • I’m in the learning process as a photograper, so exposure and comments are welcome. My husband is the artist, and we’re working on making it pay, my first published work and show arranged. As long as nobody is taking images and using them for profit, I’m OK with it. Thanks for your interest in my work.
      On my Way…

  2. Pingback: Costa Rican Beach Takes Home Top Prize as Best Beach in Central America | Avial Blog

    • How sweet of you. I’ll have to check it out. I’ve never been nominated for anything except school field trip guide…and I don’t think that was out of any appreciation for anything other than patience.
      On my Way…

    • A minority of one now that I live in a tiny beach town. Look forward to seeing some posts. Always look forward to finding interesting sites new to me.
      On my Way…

    • Thanks. It’s the only way I can be, so I think I’ll carry on. The Huzband helped me get started on my blog, and he is the writer…I’m in charge of images. It all comes together some ways, some days. Glad you stopped by and commented.
      On my Way…

    • Thanks so much. I was just looking around and found your blog…looked interesting, and I can use all the virtual advice I can get from other people’s work…and the inspiration. Thanks, again.
      On my Way…

    • Thanks for stopping by. I sweep the scorpions and ants out, but keep my five geckos and 180 spiders as happy as possible…no flying bugs in my apartment. Hope you enjoy the rest of my blog.
      On my Way…

  3. Sunset is my favourite too. You would love the picture I have posted on my blog. I keep capturing setting suns time to time. The pictures posted on your blog are amazing. Keep it up…


    • Thanks so much. I don’t envy people who live on East Coasts…sunrises are beautiful too, but I like to sleep late. Going to check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.
      On my Way…

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