Man vs. Nature

Man vs. Nature

A piece of steel from an old pier. People do their best to best nature, and nature wears the results back down into the basic elements. Bravo !


5 thoughts on “Man vs. Nature

    • I thought the blackberry bushes in Washington were voracious reclaimers of cleared spaces…this jungle, as well as the relentless Pacific, will eventually engulf all these multi-million dollar dreams until the last resort is the last resort.
      On my Way…

      • the amount of money people pour into real estate, knowing full well it won’t last, boggles the mind. like the houses in Malibu that always burn down the moment a forest fire happens nearby, but the rich return to build more, knowing it’s going to happen all over again in a year or so. money makes people do curious things. still … love the rusty pipe! as a child i would’ve tried to crawl inside.

    • With the elements here, in this jungle on the ocean environment, nothing man-made has a chance. Everything from contact lenses to cars lose out when exposed to sun, sand, salt, tropical downpours, etc. And the plants just grow over buildings and roads, with a small army of Nicaraguans with machetes trying to hack them back. Too bad for them !
      On my Way…

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