Three Day Kitten Rescue


Kitty and FernThree nights ago I heard a loud meowing sound outside my front door, and I mean loud.  This is what I discovered on my balcony.  There are very few cats here in Costa Rica, and kittens are often killed or fed to guard dogs, which seem to be the pet of choice.

This kitten was mostly ears, with a little skin and bone behind.  She appeared to be at an age when she was weaned and her owners had no inclination to feed her.  At least they didn’t kill her…instead finding an apartment where a few gringos lived and tossing her out to sort a survival out on her own.

She showed up at the right door.


Kitty Trying to NapI am allergic to cats, as in swollen ankles, watery eyes, sneezing, headaches, and such, but I couldn’t turn her away.  I fed her what I had, cheese, bread, and scrambled eggs being the only things I could think of.  She took to the couch to digest.


Kitty RelaxedSoon she was asleep, and seemingly comfortable.

She soon took over my life for a few days.

I became a mama cat.

My landlord, Mad Jack, doesn’t allow pets…doesn’t like them much.  What else could I expect from a guy who everyone in town knows as Mad jack?

He told me she had to go.

I thought his thinking was all wrong, but my intensifying allergic reactions were reason enough for me to start looking around for a loving family to adopt her.

I got on the internet – there are a few social networks in this small beach community – and found a family in Playa Langosta that was more than willing to adopt her.  They really wanted her, since cats are rare here, and healthy, playful kittens full of personality are even more rare.


Kitty QuestionsKitty in Jungle



I had her for three days, during which time she took over every room of our condo, insinuated herself into conversations with my neighbor, and even found herself a secure hideout in a potted palm.  When the her adopting family came to pick her up the day before Mother’s Day I felt as if I were watching a child leave home.

Later that night I had the longest conversation with my son I’ve had in several years.  I didn’t tell him that it was probably a bit of separation anxiety mixed with a seemingly silly sense of loss over a kitten I’d only had for three days.  My husband, the cat lover, has promised me when we get settled somewhere we know we’ll be living for a decade or two that he’s going to adopt one kitten a year on Mother’s Day.  He insists that with fifteen cats or so I’ll be up to my knees in cats, and my swollen ankles will be hidden.  As for the flu-like symptoms of my allergies, he has discovered a curandera, or witch, that will cure me straight away.  I have my doubts, but I sure did like having that kitten around…never having had one before.

We shall see what we shall see.

I seemed to be running an animal rescue, or a cat rescue, or a pet rescue, I guess.   Animal rescue….cat rescue…pet rescue…allergies…allergic reaction to cats….allergic reaction to pets….


13 thoughts on “Three Day Kitten Rescue

  1. My sister-n-law is allergic to cats too, the going-into-cardiac-arrest sort of allergies, which just means it’s wonderful when one finds great joy in something that might just kill you. I am so glad you found a home for the little thing, it is very adorable in these pictures =)

    • Thanks. Some people have told me I might grow out of it. I guess some people do. Be good if it happened before the Huz gets to be a doddering old guy collecting cats, canned beans, ammunition and starts digging large holes in the jungle.
      On my Way…

      • Heh, yes, no one wants one’s significant other doddering about. As for allergies (I suffer from dust and pollen every spring and autumn) perhaps it is possible to grow out of it, but I’ve never wanted to be put in the situation to find out … because there’s the chance it might not work out and at least with dust I can sweep it away, much harder with kittens ones grown to love =)

        • So true. The woman who adopted her has sent me photos of her in her new home…she has two children and another kitten on the verge of cat-hood. She looks so relaxed, sleeping with her new cat friend, and playing with the kids. i guess she could tell how attached I had gotten to her in three days. She said she would, but that’s almost like everybody leaving high school or college or a job saying, “We’ll keep in touch,” and never hearing from them again. Her several FaceBook posts have made the whole adopting her out a lot more bearable.
          On my Way…

  2. I love this just takes such a short time to get very attached to an animal..especially one that seems to really like you & feel so comfortable around you & your hubby…I am sure that you will be a great kitty mamma when the time is right..the pictures are too darn cute for words.

  3. Aww what a lovely story! So glad the kitten has a nice furever home now. My human used to get allergies to me but I think you can get desensitised… She’s fine most of the time now. I’m sure you’ll make a fab fur mum when you get the right home! =^.^=

    • The woman who adopted her has sent me a couple of sets of photos…she has a new cat friend and a couple of kids she seems cuddled up to. That makes it all easier to digest.
      On my Way…

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