The Caged Killer

The Caged Killer

This Killer Fig in the way of a fence being built to protect a restaurant across the street from my condo. Instead of cutting it down, they fenced around it, then fenced it. “Peace With Nature” former President Oscar Arias proclaimed.


12 thoughts on “The Caged Killer

  1. This is so good to see! In the great scheme of humanity, it would have been all too easy to take a chainsaw and obliterate the life that is this tree… as it is, here it stands, seeing both sides of the fence. A lesson for us all perhaps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It is as the poet Jane Hirshfield once said:

    It is foolish
    to let a young redwood
    grow next to a house.

    Even in this
    one lifetime,
    you will have to choose.

    That great calm being,
    this clutter of soup pots and booksโ€”

    Already the first branch-tips brush at the window.
    Softly, calmly, immensity taps at your life.

    • That’s fun, and a perfect description of these trees that engulf everything in their path. We’ll be here long enough to see that thing tear that fence up, wrap around any nearby trees, and threten the restaurant. I can’t wait.
      On my Way…

    • Are they too cool, or what? There’s one in a beach parking lot that was blown down in a wind storm about two months ago. Nobody has bothered to remove it. People drive around it, park around it, etc. The police still nap with their feet kicked up on the railing. They want nothing to do with Killer Figs.
      On my Way…

    • He’s the big guy in town too…bought the whole beach 25 years ago. He could burn half the town down and have no problem, since he owns it. He’s got a soft spot for Killers, I guess.
      On my Way….

  3. will the fence stop the tree from encircling it or is that just a temporary fix…I remember seeing another picture that you took of one of these trees that just took over anything in it’s path..awesome picture.

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