The Golden Rule

Girls on RocksSo many people come to the beach not knowing the Golden Rule of the Sea.  I saw these two beautiful young ladies picking their way slowly onto the tongue of rough rock that juts out into the ocean in the center of Playa Tamarindo.  Tourists are easy to spot.  They always seem drawn to the most unstable area of the beach, which is also one of the most photogenic areas of the beach.

So, it seemed the plan was for Beach Wrap to take a few shots of Peach Bikini while she did a bit of posing.  It worked out as well as could be expected, since Beach Wrap had broken the Golden Rule of the Sea.


Birds on Tree I

The locals lined up for the best view of the inevitable as the two switched roles.  Bikini Wrap took the stage while Peach Bikini took the camera and tottered out onto the point of rock.  Several soft rollers washed over the rocks before the Seventh Wave hit.  The Golden Rule of the Sea – Never Turn Your Back on the Ocean – had been flaunted again.  Someone would have to pay.

Girls on Rock Fallen I

It was Peach Bikini, of course.  And Beach Wrap was so wrapped up in her posing, with a glorious smile on her face, she barely seemed to notice when her friend Peach Bikini was washed from the rock outcropping, into the roiling surf, and drug up the gravelly beach, her hand reaching in futility for a little help…or at least hoping Beach Wrap would save the camera.


4 thoughts on “The Golden Rule

    • So important if one does not want to spend an embarassing moment or three picking gravel from their bikini, hair, and maybe camera. Thaks for stopping by and the comment.
      On my Way…

  1. great pics of the tourists..loved the locals sitting on that tree branch & Yes, one must never turn their backs to the ocean especially when there are waves like those in the picture. Do hope the girls got the pictures they wanted tehe

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