The Golden Rule Gals

The Golden Rule Gals


6 thoughts on “The Golden Rule Gals

  1. yesterday we had snow up here where I live. when I saw this photo it made me happy because it reminds me that not everyone in the world needs to walk around in multi-layers of clothing. thank you for sharing it =)

    • Hate to rub it in, but we were sitting at our fave beach bar, with our toes in the sand, beers in hand, and Huzband said, “look at the way that peach bikini looks against that skin tone.” Too fun when that Seventh Wave hit. They were laughing when they left though, so all’s well.
      On my Way…

      • oh, no problem about enjoying the warmth the rest of us can’t. I lived in Vegas for many a year and of course when it’s 120 in the shade it doesn’t really matter whether it is dry heat or wet heat. When I first arrived it was still technically “spring time” and cold by local standards (the low 70s) but I refused to wear a jacket because I needed to enjoy the warmth for all my friends back home who were waking up to 30 degree weather. It’s a tough job, I know, but I’m glad there are brave souls in the world willing to enjoy the weather I can’t just now, heehee =)

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