Boat Trip to The Heart of Darkness

My husband is an English professor.  He suggested I read Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad before we went on our boat trip to Parque Nacional Las Baulas near Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  Then he had me watch “Apocalypse Now” for good measure.  I didn’t know it was inspired by the Conrad book.  Oh well.  Things all started out fine, as they say…then I dropped a piece of rice, and hundreds of vicious ants descended on it like piranhas on a wallowing cow.  My husband covered his face in fear of the tiny monsters.

A trip AntsA trip Husband

We pressed on, despite the horrifying display of rice-icide.  The river got darker, and the way more narrow as we motored on.  To the left, that nest hanging from the tree is that of an Oriole.  Yes, there are Orioles in Costa Rica, too.  Who knew?

A trip River 3A trip River 2 Oriole

As in Heart of Darkness it seemed as if the river was drawing us in and onward, toward something – our date with destiny.

A trip River NarrowA trip River Near End

And the river narrowed…and narrowed…until there was almost nothing more – barely enough water to draw draft for the boat.

A trip River End

And then there was no more – only the end.  What were we supposed to find here?  A reflection of ourselves?  Nothing more?  Then a Great Egret came stalking out of the ancient mangrove swamp.  Hunting for his lunch, he didn’t seem to appreciate us being there, but didn’t seem to be bothered too much either.  He just was.

A trip Great Egret

We decided to name him Kurtz, then turn around and get the hell out of there.  I should have never read that book, nor watched that movie.  This didn’t have to be all that dramatic.

Another day in paradise…unless you’re a piece of rice…then it wasn’t such a nice outing…  And, that’s why I’m not a poet, folks.

Ta-Ta for now…


8 thoughts on “Boat Trip to The Heart of Darkness

  1. So, do you recommend that for anyone else’s reading ? 🙂 Took courage to carry on traveling along those vicious ants. I love the photo where some of the tress are receiving light and the others are dark. Shows the contrasts in life.
    You are great with words too 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed reading about your birthday trip down the river..sounds like the end got a bit scary though…pictures are wonderful, they make the story seem so much more interesting. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us. Great writing.

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