Business as Usual on the Beach – Part II

Though many of the tourists’ days start around noon, beach vendors rise with the sun, work all day in the heat, and are pretty well worn down by the time the sun begins to set.   Some, like these pottery dealers, end up going home with a load of un-sold items.  Some days are like that.

Beach Pottery Beach Pottery 2

The surf instructors – and there seem to be plenty of them – are most often done-in by the afternoon.  Tourists adventurous enough to brave the surf with limited skills are usually slinking off to their hotel room to nurse a sunburn, or to a beachside bar to tell tall tales of the big waves that got away from them.  The surf instructors lounge about, hoping for the occasional straggler, but not worrying too much except seeking out a bit of shade, as surfers are known to do.

Surf School Guy

With nothing left on the beach except the sign outside of their office, a lure for the hopeful wave riders of tomorrow.

Surf School Sign

The small boat operators come straggling in, so tired from the daily excursion that their clients feel obligated to help their guide beach the craft and drag it away from the surf.

Beach Boat Tour

My husband and I decided to call it a day, too.  And, as we made our way down the beach to our favorite beachfront hangout, we came across a couple of workers who don’t really get much attention.  The unsung laborers left to their own to laze in the afternoon heat while their owner went inside to have a few refreshments, no doubt.

Beach Horses 3

These two horses epitomize the end of the working day for those who work the beaches of Tamarindo, Costa Rica, or any other tourist destination.  ‘We’ve done our job for the day…let us rest a bit before tomorrow – or, better yet, let’s just retire!’  The dilemna of the workiing class.

Estuary Sunset

Buen noche, todos.  Hasta manana !


2 thoughts on “Business as Usual on the Beach – Part II

  1. Another fascinating read about beach life in Costa Rica..feel sorry for the poor horses standing in the heat though. Hopefully some caring person brought them some cool water to drink. Keep up the good work of reporting on the beach scene.

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